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Initially establish a safety and 

risk management operation mechanism 

along all the railway this year

Reporter on 11 April (Wang Shengyong): To implement the decisions of the MOR Party group about the implementation of security risk management, at present the Ministry of Railway Safety Supervision Bureau issued "guiding opinions on the implementation of railway safety risk management" (“Opinions” for short). The "Opinions" defines initial establishment of clear responsibilities, clear procedures, practical and effective safety risk management operation mechanism in 2012, and basic accomplishment of railway safety risk control system with sound, scientific and efficient mechanism, standardized management, comprehensive cover in 2013.

"Opinions" put forward guiding opinions from aspects such as general requirements, main content, work goal, basic principles, work flow, focus on strengthening security risk process control and so on to promote safety and risk management of railway.

"Opinions" pointed out, the railway safety risk management mainly includes aspects such as basic construction, process control, emergency disposal etc., with emphasis on the combination of actual safety work of railway, by enhancing the security risk awareness, recognition and analysis of safety risk, the effective implementation of risk control measures etc. to prevent and reduce security risks. General requirement focused on safety of high-speed rail and passenger train to promote safety production standardization as carrier, to implement the responsibility system for production safety as assurance, to introduce a comprehensive risk management concepts and methods, to construct railway safety system of risk control, to integrate risk management with the existing safety management, to earnestly strengthen production safety process control and advance prevention, to strictly implement operation and management standardization, and to minimize security risks.

"Opinions" emphasized, it should focus on strengthening the security risk process control, continue to strengthen infrastructure construction of safety risk management, and strengthen the emergency disposal of security risk. In order to realize the tight control to whole process and all aspects of transportation and production, especially the effective control of high risk post and operation link. It should start from key factors such as crane equipment, staff operation, management system, external environment, etc. to determine security risk, develop and implement risk control measures, and enhance the control level of safety risk process; it should strengthen infrastructure construction from compacting security management system, raising overall quality of equipment, strengthen staff construction and so on; it should establish a rapid response mechanism, strengthen emergency response capacity, and form organized and equipped emergency rescue system with reasonable distribution and rapid response.

"Opinions" required, leading cadres at all levels must personally do their duties to earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of risk management; professional management department should do specific guidance on key links, with implementation of effective control; it should establish assessment mechanism of safety process, clarify responsible departments and persons of safety risk control measures.