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After-sales service management system

1 Objective

Here formulate the system to strengthen the management and communication of customer service, and to improve customer service quality of after-sales.
2 Scope of application
All customer service and management in Jilin Province Hongxing Railway Vehicles Equipment Co.,Ltd.
3 Responsibility
3.1 Quality Assurance Department and Sales Department responsible for communication with customers.
3.2 Quality Assurance Department in charge of (coordinated by Sales Department) after-sales service staff’s management, information feedback and collection, evidence collection and electronic documents management.
4 After-sales service classification
Class A: After-sales staff can solve problems on site and achieve customer’s satisfaction.
Class B: After-sales staff shall promptly notify Quality Assurance Department when they can’t solve on site (welding, or inadequate skill) to deal with problems together with staff assigned by Quality Assurance Department. (or staff from Quality Assurance Department  execute scene guidance)
Class C: When users require our company putting forward relevant solutions, it should be approved by related departments (Technology Department, Quality Assurance Department, Production Department) of the company, and start the construction with solutions which can be confirmed by customers.
Class D: If the site equipment and facilities can not support after-sales service work, it should timely deal with related procedures (material delivery) of product returned to the company after approved by customers. Return qualified products after the completion to customers according to the requirements timely.
5 After-sales service requirements
5.1 Quality Assurance Department should timely reply within two hours after receiving customers’ notice, telephone or fax, and timely record customers’ name, company, telephone, product type, non-conforming items, etc. according to customers’ specified deadlines (principally within 24 hours), and ask related personnel to deal products on-site according to user requirements, no leaving until treatment finished and receiving satisfaction from customers.
5.2 After-sales persons work on-site and carry on guidance work when there is a need (Technology Department provides solutions of maintenance and disposal, Quality Assurance Department puts forward related requirements), and operate according to requirements of operation guidance, no leaving until treatment finished and receiving satisfaction from customers.
5.3 After-sales persons or persons who are assigned by the company should comply with the management requirements of related parties when they are in on-site service, with civilized language, polite attitude and clean operation, safe production, to achieve user’s requirements and satisfaction.
5.4 After treatment, it should timely fill in "after-sales service and verification list". If necessary, it should take pictures and return them to Quality Assurance Department.
5.5 Quality Assurance Department should promptly meet relevant departments to analyze relevant information, formulate measures of rectification, correction and prevention, to prevent similar incidents happen repeatedly.
5.6 Persons assigned by the company to work on-site for after-sales work will be managed by after-sales service staff. Specific provision as follows:
A. Specifying work time and leaving time of dispatched personnel;
B. Recording assigned work, quantity, location and completion, and making evaluation;
C. Site after-sales persons responsible for telling the after-sales persons assigned by the company customer’s requirements, relevant points of product maintenance and requirements and attentions;
D. Dispatched personnel must obey the management of site personnel, and complete after-sales service work according to the requirements;
E. After-sales persons of each site must make greatest effort to help and assist the dispatched staff, in case of lack of capacity not to meet the relevant requirements of customer service, they should timely report relevant information to Quality Assurance Department, so as Quality Assurance Department leaders can reply and solve in the shortest time;
5.7 To customers’ complaints or suggestions and complaints, staff from Quality Assurance Department (Sales Department) should pay special attention, with careful treatment to destroy non-conforming items at the beginning, so as not to expand the influence, and facilitate establishing a good reputation and after-sales service image of the company. Timely visiting customers and soliciting opinions of customers, with customer satisfaction survey and timely reporting "customer satisfaction survey" to Quality Assurance Department of the company.


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March 25, 2011