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In Match 26th 2015, the Secretary of Jilin Provincial Committee Ba Yingchaolu came to Gong zhuling city for investigating and inspecting. He also came to our company and looked around the workshop of our factory. He knew in details of the production process, the level of production and technical, products development, sales and marking, enterprise management and development. Inspected the vehicle components machinery and welding processing lines. He encouraged us to give full play to our own advantages and characteristics, to grasp the development opportunities, to expand the production scales, to adapt to market changing actively, to develop the international markets, to seize a greater market share, to promote technological innovation and management innovation, And he expecting our enterprise bigger and stronger in the future.
The inspected of Secretary Ba Yingchaolu gave us great encouragement and expected us to be the vanguard of the rail vehicle industry which relied on the development prospects of railway vehicles.