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First outward training

After a whole week of planning and organization, over 60 staff of Hongxing launched their first outward training to the Jidequan Resort in Jingyue park in the early morning of 25th May. With much attention from leaders of the company, the activity was led by the general manager Chen who was also a participator. It is more than a company trip, but also a training campaign with meaningful education purpose.



5 links of the outward training:

1. Love smile:

According to the random distribution of coach, the staff was divided into three teams. They understood the theoretical basis and process under the guidance of coach, at the same time each team had their own team name, leader, team song and team rules etc.

2. Trust back drop

Description: it requires player fall down from stage of 1.4 metres with help of the coach, and the other players catches with arms.

Experience: this procedure requires enough trust between the players. Each fall will be picked up by teammates with arms to guarantee the safety of player.

3. Through wires

Description: it requires in the shortest time and silent situation to go through electric wires without touch. Iif one player touches wire, the whole team would play again.

Experience: it is about team cooperation spirit. Players should cooperate very well without communication.

4. Broken bridge in the air

Description: all players climb to 8-meter high bridge and jump from one end to the other end and return.

Experience: it is about the courage to accept challenge, and peace mind when facing a difficult.

5. Graduation wall

Description: the last part of outward training. Three small teams were merged into one big team, requiring all players to climb a vertical wall of 4 meters in silent and without any tool, only taking team members as base, with their strong body and shoulders to help each player successfully climb to the graduation wall.


Experience and feeling: greatly inspired potential activity of each staff and enhanced the mutual-helping friendship among colleagues. Realizing extremely hard tasks impossible to complete, and strengthening confidence and resolution to overcome all difficulties and positively encouraging staff to work hard.

The outward training had enhanced the coordination and the awareness of mutual help among all colleagues. Especially for the last link (graduating wall), when the coach asked us to have a look at players’ shoulders, we found that every player had bruises on their shoulders. And the first and the last player climbing wall had paid much more hard work than others. All these had led us to a conclusion that in our work, there are always someone pay more effort than others for the overall benefit of the company rather than their own personal gains and losses. The company is so proud of you. We pay you the highest tribute!