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On September 14th, the company held a seminar "Quality inspector, material personnel, after-sales service personnel ("Three personnel" for short)" in "Xiangyerenjia Restaurant" in Jingyue (a famous scenic area in Changchun). It was a very successful also very timely meeting, there are speech conference, interaction and communication, everyone discussed and expressed thoughts in view of current work, affirming the achievements at the same time, and putting forward the deficiencies and problems in the work, also further clarifying future work direction. It’s not difficult to see from meeting, the participants were full of emotion with good attitude. The meeting further unified their understanding, and further standardized the working procedures and working standard "Three personnel". Since the meeting, the staff will achieve a new turn and change. The following is a brief speech that General Manager Zhao gave.

I. Basic evaluation of "Three personnel" work

1 Generally, the work state of "Three personnel" , 7 points for achievements and 3 points for problems.
The company determined the goal “Five principles & Eight targets” in this year, and it will be realized under support and cooperation by all staff and "Three personnel". This would explain, our work is basically competent, especially since this year, with the major changes in structure of products and in our staff, in case of increasing 60% new staff. Facing high standard of quality requirements of customers, we learn, practice, work hard and make effort to make our new products delivered to customers. For inspectors, more than a half are fresh, new and former comrades helped each other and learned from each other. Especially Zhao Yuantao, since he took over work for a month, he carried out reasonable division to internal personnel, strengthened education, established new responsibilities, and made quality assurance work well changed. Facing new products of the company, material personnel overcame many problems when they are in material in "two-way". For example, thousands of parts (parts disposition problem, material number problems, manufacturer problems, modification problems) should been handled every day, all coordination, organization, tracking and supervision work in one, they guaranteed new product the company smoothly.
After-sales service personnel re-formed a team to establish new responsible persons in case of heavy task and less persons, carried out reasonable division according to territorial jurisdiction. To general work, they actively used their brain and tried various methods to resolve, so as to ensure smooth delivery of products.

2 Problems of "Three personnel":
1) Poor consciousness of service: customers have complains.
2) Lack of work procedure, not clear enough in responsibility and organization. Speaking from a certain meaning, it is like a skirmish battle;
3) Loose department management: not concentrated, no meeting, no comment, no normal examination to everyone's work;
4) Poor personal quality and service consciousness, some errors in language and behavior, causing very bad influence to the company.

II Work measures:
1 Cognition in advance: proper self-evaluation, recognizing deficiency in work, timely removing ideological obstacles, with a period of time to correct shortcomings and problems. Taking a high standard to work to rest leaders assured;

2 Strengthening management: management lag and loose management are main roots of all kinds of problems. Sales Department and Quality Assurance Department must assume management functions, especially focus on improving the ability of organization and coordination, learn investigation and study, learn to grasp the principal contradiction, learn to understand the development rules of matters, learn to hold meetings, all the management means and methods should be masted by leaders of department. It should handle with specific matters then turn to general matter, such as separative and sensitive issues.

3 Highlighting process: the so-called process is working flow, it will be inefficient and wasting if we don’t care, and also producing passing each other. Each new job coming, management should be in advance. Leaders of departments design procedures for “Fight no battle unprepared; fight no battle you are not sure of winning”. It should pay attention to work records, for example, Zhao Yuantao put forward six work records to after-sales service personnel, keep it doing, because we have passed IRIS certification, we would make a different achievement to customers.

Customers’ satisfaction is our working goal, and we are the company's image. After delivering qualified products, we also need to act very well in our language, dress, behavior, working. "Three personnel" are the company’s bridge and the link to contact customers, it should transfer information in time and timely eliminate all misunderstandings. Don’t be afraid of problems, we need to resolve them. Don’t take problem become "focus", and we need to rest the chairman assured.

4 Strengthen training: training and examination for inspectors (two months), if incompetent, it will do a two-way choice.
To problems, final inspection, inspection means, checking points and skill levels.

5 Reward and punishment: Leaders should activate the enthusiasm of employees. It will be leaders’ dereliction of duty if no difference was made between those who did a good job and those who did shoddy work, also unknown to reward and punishment. From the beginning of next month, I would like to see a new situation of reward and punishment to "Three personnel".

The work conference in quality inspection, after-sales service and material delivery is the first department meeting after the meeting of middle leaders on August 22-23. The meeting was required and planned by Chairman Su, it is also a conference that new leaders achieved their common view. The theme of conference is: "improving service consciousness and changing company image". Everyone carried out extensive and in-depth research according to the theme, and was inspired and educated. We believe that the working seminar is a new “gas station”, Hongxing company’s service and quality assurance work will get a new change. As long as our company will be moved into a new factory in Fanjiatun, let us show our customers a new image.