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Innovative, Environment-friendly and Low Energy Consumption Railway Vehicle Products debut on

Inter Rail Expo (2014) Changchun


By Xinhua Net, Changchun, in the morning of October 17, 2014 (Reporters: Zong Wei, Chen Chen), Inter Rail Expo (2014) Changchun opened in Changchun city, China's "Auto City", around 50 rail transit operating companies from more than 20 cities were invited to participate in the exhibition.


This exhibition took "showing automatic technology and equipment of China's urban rail vehicles also the world's advanced urban rail vehicle technology and equipment, leading the development directions of urban rail vehicle technology and equipment" as the theme, and displayed independent achievement and operation management of China urban rail vehicle equipment, and technology and equipment of rail vehicle at home and abroad, etc.


At the exhibition scene, China CNR exhibition area displayed models of Saudi Mecca Metro exported to Saudi Arabia, subway exported to Thailand, and subways, high-speed motor train units and intercity trains in domestic cities such as Beijing, Chongqing, etc.


Among them, a rapid rail vehicle with stylish appearance and modernized interior fittings is particularly eye-catching, which is Type A double-current system rapid rail vehicle developed and produced by China CNR Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. As introduced by Ouyang Ruijing, senior engineer in the company’s city railway development department, the vehicle is inter-city rapid rail car with double current system, which can run on train tracks, and on subway rails as well, it can be called an all-rounder.


"This is the first vehicle which the maximum operating speed could be adapted to 120-160km/h, its speed is twice as fast as the existing subway, which can both satisfy long-distance and big station spacing suburban line transport demand, and can meet the transport demand of small station spacing and large transporting capacity after entering the central city," Ouyang Ruijing said. It is equipped with transverse seats in the internal compartment, comfortable and convenient, with flexible passenger capacity.


It is reported that CNR intercity rapid rail vehicle is on public show for the second time after “debuting” in Shanghai; currently there are Beijing suburban railway Yanqing S2 line and Lanzhou city proposed their demands to order the rapid rail vehicles.

China CNR Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd also brought three low-carbon, environment-friendly and zero-emission electric city buses; the company's marketing manager Li Dongjian told reporters: "the electric buses has no much difference from existing city buses in appearance, but electric buses’ low energy consumption and zero-emission characteristics will lead the urban public transport in the future”.

The chairman of Changchun International Chamber of Commerce and president of Changchun conference and exhibition association Song Lihua said: "Rail vehicle is the pillar industry of Changchun City, the Expo is supported by a strong industrial base, it will bring positive energy to promote the whole country development of rail vehicles in the future”.

As introduced, the 3-day China Inter Rail Expo (2014) Changchun will be created to be long-term brand exhibition to further promote the industry development.