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A new benchmark of High-speed Rail in the safe operation

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, with the longest line mileage and built at a time in the world, will be one year old. Since its opening last year, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway equipment is with stable quality, safe and controllable operation, and good social reflection; it has become the "land flight" and "urban bus", passengers enjoy its "safety, comfortability, convenience and efficiency", calling "one-day round trip between Beijing and Shanghai although with thousands of miles apart."


Safety has always been a top priority of rail transport, especially high-speed rail safety. Over the past year, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Co., Ltd, together with Shanghai Railway Bureau, Jinan Railway Bureau and Beijing Railway Bureau administering the operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, explores high-speed railway safety management, dispatching and controlling, traffic organizing, equipment maintenance, etc., and builds Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway safety operation system by different systems and different levels, to ensure the railway’s safe and continuing stability, and establish a new benchmark of high-speed rail safety operation.


Focusing on Safety Management, and Establishing Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Technical Regulations and Security System by Different Systems and Different Levels


World-class high speed railway must have corresponding top management, to provide a solid foundation for its safe operation. On the basis of implementing MOR (Ministry of Railways) high-speed railway “Technical Rules”, Shanghai Bureau, Jinan Bureau and Beijing Bureau, combining their respective actual situation, focusing on ensuring Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operation safety, formulate high-speed railway scheduling working rules, traffic organization rules, also public service, electric service and power supply construction safety management measures, etc., and regularly made dynamic supplements and improvement; they preliminarily formed specific feasible technology regulations and security system.


Shanghai Bureau formulated “Shanghai Railway Bureau Passenger Rail Line Trains Management Methods”, “Passenger Rail Line Safety Monitoring System Management Methods for Disaster Prevention”, etc., to make full and entire-process control of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway relevant technology and equipment, running conditions, operation management, safety management, etc. Beijing Bureau strengthened the research on emergency treatment measures under non-normal circumstances, developed non-normal emergency response plans for Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, clarified job allocation and work criteria under non-normal circumstances, standardized work flow and non-normal emergency response measures, etc. Jinan Bureau highlighted and made great efforts to do non-normal operation control, speeded up construction of emergency rescue capabilities, further improved high-speed railway emergency response plans, and clarified disposal process, measure and responsibility assignment.


3 railway bureaus also further regulated high-speed railway external environmental management, clarified internal management division of environmental inspection, supervision and renovation along the railway line, put safety responsibilities into practice, and perfected management system and evaluation mechanism, to guarantee Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway external environment, and lay a solid foundation for the safe operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways.


Strengthening Dispatching and Running Organization Optimization, to Ensure Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Operation Safe, Orderly and Efficient


During the early period of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operation, MOR (Ministry of Railways) was in charge of making unified dispatching; starting from 5am, October 20, 2011, in accordance with the principle of territorial dispatching, Beijing Bureau is in charge of dispatching Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway South to Dezhou East, Dezhou East (excluded) to Xuzhou East (excluded) dispatched by Jinan Bureau, and Xuzhou East to Shanghai HongQiao airport dispatched by Shanghai Bureau.


In order to strengthen traffic dispatching, to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, 3 railway bureaus, according to their respective actual situations, establish a comprehensive high-speed railway dispatching staff mobility competition mechanism, to select the best talents to the high-speed railway dispatching position, and continuously to improve the dispatcher’s emergency disposal ability and to ensure dispatching safety.


Dispatching office of Beijing Bureau continuously improved the transport dispatching integrated management control system, and applied information technology to high-speed railway dispatching management. They took MOR (Ministry of Railways) developing "Operation and Dispatching Management System (TDS1.0)" as an opportunity, to actively participate in system development and application; took the lead to establish integrated management information platform for high-speed railway dispatching, and opened up high-speed railway dispatching integrated, intelligent, comprehensive and unified digital management model.


Shanghai Bureau energetically strengthened high-speed railway dispatching safety control. Shanghai Bureau made centralized dispatching specific to high-speed railway CTC, dispatchers directly, in accordance with arriving and departing trains and shunting routes situations, developed special shifting station dispatching safety lock system, which required relevant dispatching offices on duty 24 hours a day to ensure high-speed railway running absolutely safe.


Due to Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway characteristics of large density and public transit-oriented operation, 3 railway bureaus focused on enhancing transporting organization, improving non-normal condition disposal ability and optimizing the operating environment, to fully ensure good operation order, and build a strong barrier for the safe operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways.


Scientific Maintenance Casting First-class Equipment and Facilities, and Building Solid Barrier for Safe Operation of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railways


Everyday late at night, there are a group of “people who bask in the moon” actively being on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line. They take use of “skylight” time from 0:30 to 4:30 everyday, and make “skylight” maintenance to rails, catenary, signals and other fixed equipment, to ensure the equipment be in reliable status.


Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway maintenance standards can be called "top of the world": two steel rails’ gap should not exceed 0.3 mm, the reduced value error limit between turnout point rail and switch rail should not exceed 0.2 mm. Such a high standard, it "forced" Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway workers to continuously explore scientific maintenance mode. Shanghai Bureau, on the basis of summarizing Hening and Hefei-Wuhan passenger railway comprehensive maintenance management experience, fully implemented public service, power service and power supply “production and life integrated” comprehensive maintenance system in 8 areas of Beijing-Shanghai railway line, improved the "skylight" utilization and increased maintenance quality.


Before running the first train every day, they would run trains of each section of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways bi-directionally to confirm trains, rail lines and equipment quality in good condition and absolutely safe.


Beijing-Shanghai CRH (China Railway High-speed) trains have "sleep" time everyday, while at this time, it’s the busiest time for “train doctors” of rail passenger train segments. "Train doctors" would make first level maintenance every two days on key parts of CRH trains, such as baseplate, skirt plate, cover plate, bogie, suspension parts, pantograph, roof porcelain insulator, etc., and make second level maintenance every 30,000 km or on a monthly basis, to ensure that they are always in "healthy" status.


In the days and nights of safe operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways, leaders and workers of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway company and three bureaus in Shanghai, Jinan and Beijing, with their hard efforts, continuously made exploration and innovation; they built the barrier to safe operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways, and set up the new benchmark of high speed railway safety operation in China even in the whole world.